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Whether traveling by car or on foot in Vietnam, chances are you've passed by the GOAT Manhole Cover. Hundreds of thousands of our products can be found in cities across our country. GOAT is one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of manhole covers and drainage covers in Vietnam. We produce manhole frames and covers, drainage covers made of cast iron and composite materials with many different sizes and shapes. With completely free custom designs and logos. Our mission is to bring the highest satisfaction to customers with optimal Manhole Cover and Drainage design solutions. With the most advanced and superior technology to ensure customers' target efficiency and budget. Below are some typical customers that we have had the honor of serving. Let us have the honor of serving you!


As one of the manhole cover manufacturers in Vietnam that always emphasizes quality and customer experience, we always strive to improve quality and service. Ready to take on new product design and utility challenges.
At GOAT, we not only sell manhole covers, but also do the more important job of researching the industry and providing you with the optimal solution to choose the most suitable product with the most reasonable budget.
Whether you need to buy Heavy Duty Cast Iron Manhole Covers Group 5 E600 (i.e. 60 tons), Group 6 F900 (i.e. 90 tons) which located on airport runways, wharves. Or ordinary manhole covers with common load capacities (classes A15 to D400, i.e. from 1.5 tons to 40 tons).
Whether you focus on cost or quality. You need exported goods, or domestically supplied goods; products manufactured by hand or by machine. Whether you need products with specialized features such as:
  • Drainage manhole cover
  • Manhole covers with power-assisted lifting arms
  • Manhole covers with anti-theft and prevent bad odors
  • The drainage cover and frame set with anti-theft hinges
  • Drainage set combined with U-shaped collection groove
  • Petroleum storage tank cover...
GOAT has a solution for you!
All of our efforts are demonstrated through research into solutions and technical improvements to improve product quality through each shipment. Our biggest goal is to maximize benefits for customers.
We have a strong passion for consulting and providing optimal manhole cover solutions for customers - The thing that has helped us grow during the past period of time.
Luckily, with accumulated knowledge and experience, GOAT can confidently help you find exactly what product you are looking for. With many lines of manhole covers, drainage covers, cable tank covers, ganivo covers, tree grate covers, cast iron bridge drainage pipes...and the products made of cast iron and composite. For sure, we can help and advise whenever you need. Ensuring products are sharp, beautiful, good load-bearing, reasonable cost and sustainable over time.
Actual Video of GOAT Manhole Cover 850x850 mm
By providing products nationwide and export to Cambodia, Laos, GOAT ensures that you will receive your order on time and is committed to quality - Free 12-month warranty.
GOAT always strives to "Create the best value" - like our slogan - to our customers, partners, suppliers and staff. We ensure that You – The GOAT's valued customers – Will continuously receive the best value.
If you are having difficulty or need advice on suitable solutions for manhole covers and drainage coves, just contact GOAT immediately at:

Hotline: +84 987 382 388

Zalo message: +84 987 382 388

Telegram message: +84 966 37 66 37

Or email us at goat@naphoga.vn

Solution for choosing manhole covers, cast iron and composite drainage cover suitable for each installation location
The most popular standard to evaluate the quality of manhole covers, drainage covers, and covers for underground systems is  BS EN 124 - The Europe Standard for Manhole and Drainage covers included 6 loading class.

This type of standard is extremely necessary to choose a optimal solution based on installation location. It generally considered an international standards for application in transportation infrastructure design in many countries around the world.

Below are 4 common load classes for manhole covers and drainage covers made of cast iron and composite. Comparing with the image above, you can choose the load class suitable for your installation location.
Manhole covers and drainage covers can bear the load of 1.5 tons. This lowest load level is often used in pedestrian and bicycle area only
Manhole covers and drainage covers can bear a load of 12.5 tons, placed on the sidewalk. Pedestrian areas and car parks where vehicle access is only occasional. This can include residential driveways
Manhole covers and drainage covers can bear a load of 40 tons. Areas that cars and lorries can access, such as hard shoulders, carriageways, as well as other pedestrian areas.
Manhole covers and drainage covers can bear a load of 25 tons. Forecourts, car parks, industrial sites and areas with slow moving traffic. This group also includes areas in highway locations that are no more than 50cm from the kerb and no more than 20cm onto the verge, however this excludes motorways.
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